Teaching & Learning


There is a strong multidisciplinary approach to working with our youngest students, with class teachers working alongside Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and physiotherapists.  This approach maximises learning and ensures that students have access to the correct resources and approaches that are right for them.  Fundamental skills are acquired in this area of the school and the emergence of independence is developed.

Star Class (Reception and Key Stage 1)

Students in this class follow a play based approach centred on the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National curriculum.  There is emphasis on exploration of materials and a thematic approach is taken to lessons.  The Class teacher employs a personalised approach to learning for each student. 

Hawking 1 and Simmonds 1 classes (Key Stage 2 Classes)

These two classes are a mixture of year 3 to year 6 students who are all following a National Curriculum which has been tailored to meet their needs.  Individual class teachers employ a range of dynamic approaches in order to engage their students within learning. 

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