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The Art Department is a stimulating and calm environment where students can participate in a range of activities using specialist equipment taught by an art professional. Projects include textiles, ceramics, print-making, painting and drawing, photography and 3D work.

It is a positive and encouraging department where students can develop their independence and creative skills. The art teacher is happy to push the boundaries and help students individually to discover their best way of communicating visually, whilst being passionate about students’ futures.

Tasks are clear and the staff are helpful, insuring students reach their full potential in Art and Design. A number of students have gone on from Valence to study art based courses at a higher level. 

We often use the amazing grounds and buildings as a starting point in our art work.

The Art Department has a strong professional relationship with the Education Department at Tate Modern and annual trips to work with artists for the day are organised in the Autumn Term. Trips to local galleries have been used to stimulate students when relevant.

The department have also worked with outside agencies to allow our students to take part in large art projects within Kent which has meant our students have had the opportunity to work with students from a variety of schools together with artists.


Pupils in Key stage 3 will follow an exciting and varied course in Art and Design for 1 to 2 hours a week. This will develop their skills, knowledge and confidence in 7 key areas:

•       Imaginative Design
•       Painting and Drawing
•       Photography
•       Ceramics
•       Printmaking
•       Textiles
•       Three-Dimensional Studies

Pupils will be introduced to a range of artists, art movements, different cultures, designers and crafts people.

Pupils will be encouraged to learn about themselves, their strengths, preferred ways of working and develop their interests in areas of art and design. They will be encouraged to express their personal opinions about their own work, those of their peers and those in the wider art world, using specialist language. They will be taught how to evaluate their work and see their practical work through to a final outcome.

The skills and knowledge learnt and developed in Key stage 3 will lead them onto further courses in Key stage 4 and 5. These will include:

  • WJEC GCSE Art and Design
  • WJEC GCE AS Level Art and Design
  • Creative, Media and Performance Arts Entry Pathways – Art and Design

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