Teaching & Learning


Science at Valence

Students study Science at Valence because:

  • Science is a powerful way of knowing about and understanding how the physical world works;
  • the scientific process teaches us to think (specifically, to question, to problem solve, to critically analyse evidence, to conclude and to evaluate); this is an important way of developing independence;
  • Science is fun!

In Key Stages 1 and 2 students will study themed topics (1 per term) covering areas such as Growing Plants,  Exploring Materials, Forces - push and pull, and Human body and senses.                   

In Key Stage 3 students will study:

in Biology: how living organisms are made up and how they work, evolution, genetics and inheritance, photosynthesis, and healthy living;
in Chemistry: how materials react, how they are made up and how we get them, the Periodic Table, and pollution and climate change;
in Physics: energy and electricity, renewables, motion, forces, waves, magnets and electromagnets, and Space.

In Key Stage 4 we offer both Entry Level and GCSE Science as accredited qualifications.

All this takes place in a purpose-built, fully-equipped laboratory, with safety given top priority at all times. We also make extensive use of the school grounds, as we are very fortunate to have areas of woodland, fields and a lake all on site!

In all of the above, each student’s needs and abilities are always taken into account in order to provide an individualised route through the curriculum in order to maximise access to, and achievement and enjoyment of, Science. In this way, we aim to inspire each student’s curiosity about the natural world, and to take delight in it.

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