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In line with the National Curriculum, Music at Valence aims to ensure that all pupils enjoy and experience music across a range of historical periods, styles, traditions and genres – both live and recorded. They are involved in singing and performing. They explore how music is created and have the opportunity to create their own.

Key Stage 1:

Listening: Listening to music for the youngest pupils in the school is usually in the form of incidental music to stories. This introduces them to the power of music to enhance feelings and imagination.

Singing: Pupils use their voices by singing nursery rhymes and age-appropriate songs. Non-verbal pupils are engaged through the use of pictures, sound effects and small percussion instruments.

Performing and creating: pupils explore tuned and untuned percussion.

Key Stage 2:

Listening: In addition to incidental music in stories, pupils learn about the sounds of instruments and their listening becomes more focussed on detail and aural memory.

Singing: At KS2, pupils are introduced to a wider range of children’s songs.

Performing: Pupils perform music on traditional keyboards and guitars where possible. For those unable to access these instruments, they use switches, paddles which trigger sounds and a variety of iPad apps.

Creating: Pupils create sound effect to stories and select and combine sounds using computer software and iPad apps.

Key Stage 3:

Listening: At this stage, the elements of music are introduced – pitch, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure and notation. Listening is broadened to encompass a wider range of tradition, culture and musical devices.

Singing: During KS3, pupils sing songs from a range of genres and they learn to develop and express their own preferences. Increasingly, non-verbal pupils are encouraged to use VOCAs and other devices to join in with repetitive phrases of songs.

Performing: Skills introduced in KS2 are developed and built upon in this phase.

Creating: Pupils continue to create music using software and apps. Some learn to read and write music using pictures, symbols and notation.

Key stage 4 and Key stage 5

Courses offered:

ASDAN 'Towards Independence - Sound Rhythm and Music'

WJEC Pathways 'Appraising Music' Entry Level 2/3


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