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Foundation Learning

Foundation Learning

Foundation Learning is a programme of learning to support the individual needs of the students at Valence School up to Level 2 which is equivalent to GCSE level.  For some student the focus is progression of life skills, for some, it is personal development in line with their own interests and career development.  For many, life skills courses are planned to promote and develop student’s independence in order to understand and take more responsibility for their own needs. All students are supported to actively use a range of total communication in order to develop skills needed for confidence in speaking out and making choices, decision making and promoting individual assertiveness.  There is a multi-disciplinary approach across all lessons to support the best outcomes for individual students.  

In Key Stage 4 and 5 students are offered the following courses and use Laser Accreditation:

Personal Progress, Independent Living, Employability and Progression, Entry 1 –3, L1-2 Students will work towards units of accreditation to make a full Award or Certificate sized qualification

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