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The Design & Technology Entitlement at Valence School

At Valence all students in Key Stage 3 have two lessons a week of Design Technology, for one half of the year they study Food and the other Resistant Materials. They experience Textiles as part of their Art course..

Resistant Materials.

This means making things from tough materials like wood, plastic and metal. A very traditional design and make approach is followed.

While designing, students consider the needs of the user, the task the project has to perform, the properties of materials, various making techniques and environmental implications. Communicating and recording ideas can be difficult, so we use computers and design software (CAD) as much as possible and our staff are experienced at offering alternative design suggestions.

In making we introduce a wide range of techniques and processes. All students are fully engaged in every aspect of their project. Some may be able to work independently, while others need considerable assistance to control tools, equipment or machines. Our workshop is accessible, we have adjustable height workbenches, machines and equipment. Some will need a lot of assistance to make sure that their finished pieces are of a good quality. All the students use our computer controlled lathe and 3D printer (CAM).

In Key Stages 4 & 5 Resistant Materials is a very popular option, students develop their designing and making skills to an appropriate examination standard, either Entry Level Pathways or GCSE. Some students may go on to take AS level Product Design, in collaboration with a neighbouring mainstream school.

We want Valence students to liberate their imaginations and experience the delights of creating. 

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