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Communication Hub Assisting Team Action

The CHATA team is comprised of Speech and Language Therapists, Communication Assistants, a Communication Teacher and an Individual Equipment Technician and Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs). The team work collaboratively within the broader spectrum of teachers, health & social care professionals, families and external agencies to support students’ communication.

The work of the CHATA team is guided by the different needs of the students and can include:

  • Assessment / Reassessment
  • 1:1 sessions,
  • Group sessions,
  • Joint teaching sessions,
  • Multi-disciplinary meetings
  • Multi-disciplinary workshops.
  • Communication aid programming and repairs
  • Developing communication resources
  • Training and support for school staff and families

A number of students who are unable to use speech or whose speech is unclear are supported to use a range of Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) methods. Students are supported to use a variety of methods to support their AAC needs including symbol cards, communication books and a whole range of Voice Output Communication Aids (VOCAs) which run a range of vocabulary software. Software can be adapted and personalised to address students’ individual needs. The CHATA team work closely with the Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and ICT teams, and in some cases external teams, to ensure each student has the most suitable method of access to their communication and technology. Access methods include direct touch, switch access, joystick or mouse access and eye gaze access.

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