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Assessment at Valence School will follow the principles agreed by KASS, namely:

  1. Assessment is at the heart of teaching and learning
  2. Analysis of assessment information will be used to improve the quality of teaching
  3. Assessment will be accurate, consistent, reliable, free from bias, understood by all and increase parental confidence
  4. Reliability of teacher assessment will be achieved and evidenced through rigorous moderation
  5. Assessment will draw on a wide range of evidence to provide a complete picture of pupil achievement over time
  6. Assessment will be used to set high expectations for all pupils, to celebrate achievement and to inform the next steps for pupils, their families and teachers

From September 2015 and “life after levels” there is no national benchmark of progress other than that a pupil should make progress towards a suitably aspirational target which has been set using evidence of their prior attainment and their previous rates of progress.

Valence School is committed to continuing to track pupil progress in a meaningful and useful way and will convert from national curriculum levels to the language of the new national curriculum when describing pupils’ attainment. The DfE and Ofsted will evaluate progress made by pupils and compare it with that made by others from a similar starting point. In order to ensure that the school uses relevant comparative data and sets suitably challenging targets, Valence School will base initial targets on the algorithm of progress of pupils from similar starting points devised by KASS from the data set of all pupils in Kent Special Schools. However, these targets will be personalised and will be adjusted if necessary to ensure that all targets are suitably challenging for each individual.

The KASS Algorithm in Pupil Asset

Twenty three special schools in Kent have worked with a company called Pupil Asset to develop a bespoke assessment tool that will enable teachers to assess the progress of pupils of all abilities and ages using an agreed algorithm. The Kent special schools algorithm was developed from historic pupil progress data from a three year period, across all years groups from a range of Kent schools. The schools were representative of all Kent special schools meeting the needs of all pupils: PSCN, SEMH and C&I.

The algorithm sets challenging and aspirational targets which takes account of predicted progress from differing start points. The Pupil Asset tool enables targets to be generated from pupil starting points as they join our schools at different times. The algorithm will be reviewed annually as the data set develops to ensure it remains challenging and aspirational.

Most students at Valence School do not follow the same trajectory as pupils in mainstream education and the data most relevant is linked below.

Please click to see our data relating to keystage 1, 2 and 3

Please click to see our data relating to keystage 2 to 4 (transition) - English

Please click to see our data relating to keystage 2 to 4 (transition) - Maths


Valence offers a wide range of accredited courses. These vary as they are tailored to the needs and interests of student cohorts.

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We always offer accreditation routes in English, Maths, Science and ICT, up to and including GCSE level when appropriate. As part of our focus upon communication we also offer accreditation in AAC for those students using communication systems.

As can be seen from our course offer we aim to offer accreditation at a variety of levels including pre-Entry, Entry Level and GCSE. These courses run in a range of subjects.

Examination Data summary 2014-2016

June 2016 Examination results

June 2015 Examination results

June 2014 Examination results

Performance Tables including our Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4 results

We also focus upon achievement in Sport and wider life skills and offer specific accreditation in these areas.

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