Health Care

Moving and Handling

Moving and Handling at Valence is governed by a range of legislation including Health and Safety at Work Act (1976), Manual Handling Operations Regulations (1992) and  the Human Rights Act. We also use guidance from organisations such as the National Back Exchange and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as an evidence base.  We have a duty as an employer to avoid hazardous moving and handling tasks where reasonably practical and reduce risks where they cannot be avoided. We aim to adopt an equitable and reasonable approach, balancing the safety and well-being of the students and staff and the need to maintain, develop and maximise the students’ independence skills both in moving and handling and other physical areas. We provide up to date annual training on-site for all staff and operate a team of mentors and trainers with additional expertise.

Valence School Moving and Handling Outreach Service

The service offers staff in Kent schools access to training and advice in moving and handling for pupils with disabilities.

We offer

  • Moving and handling training to staff. This can be delivered at Valence or at their own school. Training is tailored to the needs of staff and covers both theory and practice including health and safety legislation, risk assessment and practical moving and handling techniques.
  • Individual risk assessments for pupils with disabilities. A therapist from the moving and handling team can visit a school, carrying out a risk assessment, and provide advice on techniques with individual pupils and any equipment needs and follow up if needed.

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