Health Care

Medicine Management and dealing with an unwell student

Medicine Management

As a school we deal with an enormous amount of medication. In order to prevent errors we require that any requests for delivery or changes in medication are made in writing. For day students and boarders not registered with the school GP medications need to be sent in from home in their original container with a legible pharmacy label. The nursing team regularly check stock levels and will contact parents when further supplies are needed. This is usually done by a weekly written/ email checklist. Parents are requested to send in medication promptly so that delivery of medication is continuous at school.

For those students registered with the school GP medications are ordered directly from the GP by the nursing team and delivered to the school by the local pharmacy. Prescriptions are routinely sent home before the Christmas, Easter and the Summer holidays. If further supplies are needed in-between times parents can request additional prescriptions. These will take about 3 days to obtain and are posted home.

Provision for students who become unwell at school

The health and well-being of the students is the highest priority at Valence; as a result we have protocols and procedures to ensure students who become unwell receive the best possible care. Any student who complains of feeling unwell or being injured will be assessed by a nurse and an appropriate plan will be actioned. As well as having the facilities to provide the nursing assessment, we are able to administer medication such as paracetamol and emergency oxygen to ease symptoms and we have two rooms dedicated to allow students to rest and recover. The nursing team will liaise with the parents of students who are unwell to ensure they receive any on- going care needed at school or to make arrangements for transfer to home or to hospital as appropriate.

In addition to this boarders registered with the school GP are able to access appointments either on the school site (weekly) or at the local surgery in Westerham if a more urgent appointment is needed. The GP will arrange home visits to boarding students as necessary. 

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